About our Sale

It's the moment you've all been waiting for (even though you didn't know it until now!). We've launched a sale website!

For some context, over summer (2023) we had a bit of a tidy up and as part of this, we took a long and deep look into our stock room. There are a lot of shoes in there that need some love. They might be discontinued, slightly older, samples that got rejected, or 'factory seconds' (aka shoes with slight imperfections that have been hidden away from the world).

Now, we don't want this stuff (because we need more room for other stuff) but we do want to these shoes to meet their perfect match. They deserve it. Some of them have been waiting a long time to find the one. Some might have been picked up and teased during sale days but ultimately left alone back on the shelf. Some shoes might have been ordered, delivered but returned unwanted (because they weren't the right 'fit'). It's a sad tale :( but now we're introducing them to you! :)

Our new (and separate from our main website) site is where we're looking to match these shoes to the right people who will pick them up, give them some TLC, and take them out to dance. Think of it as an online version of our factory sale where we've got hundreds of pairs available for you. There's a great mix of shoes for ladies, gents, and kids. There are some wonderful shoes in there (so many great bargains!).

We have planned/uploaded shoes in good quantities in most sizes but of course, limited to 1 item of each shoe in almost all cases so once something is gone - it is GONE!

You're able to filter by range, size, heel and fit so you can hone in on what works for you. Click on 'Shop our Factory Sale' from the top menu and enjoy! Anything with an imperfection is noted within the product description (with images highlighting any issues which are mainly little blemishes on uppers, tiny snags here and there).

Going forward, we''d love to add more bit by bit, but we'll see how it goes!